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  • Not This But That: No More Random Acts of Literacy Coaching

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    Teacher-coach collaboration is critical to teacher effectiveness and student learning, but sometimes the in-the-moment response rate required when supporting several teacher requests at once can make literacy coaching appear to be, well, rather random. No More Random Acts of Literacy Coaching lo... Read more >

  • Play Attention!

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    A playful mindset is key to finding creative, resourceful ways of doing the things we need to do in life. And yet, in the past 50 years there has been a steep decline of free self-directed play both in and out of school. “In providing more structured activities outside of school, longer school... Read more >

  • Writing Unbound

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    In Writing Unbound, Tom Newkirk argues that as a teaching profession, we shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to writing. We fail to take advantage of a huge opportunity that is before us. That opportunity is fiction writing. Consider this: Our deepest wish is for students to develop a love... Read more >