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  • Financial Times Guides Options: The Plain and Simple Guide to Successful Strategies (2e)

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    The Financial Times Guide to Options, will introduce you to the instruments and markets of options, giving you the confidence to trade successfully. Options are explained in real-life terminology, using every-day examples and accessible language. Introducing three key options markets – stocks,... Read more >

  • FT Guide to Investing for Income: Grow Your Income Through Smarter Investing

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    Financial Times Guide to Income Investing is the complete reference guide for all investors wanting their shares and investments to provide market beating — and continuous — income. This book provides you with the necessary tools of the trade so you can work out the best strategy to... Read more >

  • Inside the Leader's Mind: Five Ways to Think Like a Leader

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    Inside the Leader's Mind reveals the five common ways effective leaders think and gives you the tools you need to evolve your thinking and become a better leader.  Drawn from the collective wisdom of 20 world-class leaders, Inside the Leader's Mind shows you how to think your way to the ve... Read more >

  • Persuasive Writing: How to harness the power of words

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    Developed from powerful techniques consistently proven in the world of multi-million pound commercial bid writing, Persuasive Writing reveals the most efficient and effective ways to make your words work, time after time. Discover how to: Transform any document into something truly compellin... Read more >

  • Smarter Selling: How to grow sales by building trusted relationships (2e)

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    This book shows readers the smarter way to sell -by building trusted consultative relationships with their customers. Whatever you are selling, this book will help you do it better, and feel better about doing it. By switching your focus from the hard sell to building more trust and adding more valu... Read more >