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  • Contemporary Keyboarding

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    Contemporary Keyboarding is a user-friendly generic Keyboarding text appropriate for those studying keyboarding in Office Administration as well as those doing a Keyboarding short course. Contemporary Keyboarding helps students to develop skills in keyboarding and build keyboard accuracy and speed. ... Read more >

  • Discrete Mathematics for Computing

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    This book is a concise introduction to the key mathematical ideas that underpin computer science, continually stressing the application of discrete mathematics to computing.  It is suitable for students with little or no knowledge of mathematics, and covers the key concepts in a simple and stra... Read more >

  • Ecotourism

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    Accessible core text dealing with the relationship of tourism and nature, providing a contemporary analysis of the impacts of tourism upon the environment.

  • Effective Supervision: A Guidebook for Supervisors, Team Leaders, and Work Coaches

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    For courses in Supervision and Supervisory Management, geared specifically for courses aimed at engineering and engineering technology students. Containing ten years of experience, this up-to-date teaching text enables students to learn “hands-on,” “real-world” supervisi... Read more >

  • Fifty-fifty Tutti-frutti Chocolate-chip and Other Stories: New Windmills

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    This collection spans cultures as diverse as South Africa, India, New Zealand and Northern Ireland. The stories enable students to investigate a wider range of genres, compare first and third person accounts, and explore different story structures.