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  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic for Teachers (Print Book + Digital Resources + Online Practice)

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    The Official Guide to PTE Academic, provides a complete overview of the test structure. It includes everything you need to know in order to become familiar with the task types, as well as guidance on managing a computer-based test and preparation strategies. The Official Guide and its support resour... Read more >

  • The Classroom Essentials: A Teacher’s Guide to Vocabulary Development Across the Day

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    You probably know that having young children memorise new words or relegating vocabulary instruction to one time of day is not the way to go, but you may not know what else to do to support students’ vocabulary development. In this guide, Tanya Wright shows you how to make word learning more m... Read more >

  • The Civically Engaged Classroom

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    Are your students ready to become the engaged and informed citizens our democracy needs right now? Your classroom can be a place for them to experience what it means to live in community with others, to balance their own interests with those of the group, to challenge themselves to overcome differen... Read more >

  • Risk. Fail. Rise

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    Mistakes are not the problem. The problem is the shame we attach to mistakes and inability to grow from them. You have likely heard the adage, ‘Everyone makes mistakes.’ But what you might not have heard is that there are some predictable reasons why we make these mistakes. Knowing w... Read more >

  • Play Attention!

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    A playful mindset is key to finding creative, resourceful ways of doing the things we need to do in life. And yet, in the past 50 years there has been a steep decline of free self-directed play both in and out of school. “In providing more structured activities outside of school, longer school... Read more >