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  • Engineering and Society: An Australian Perspective (2e)

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    This product encourages students to think of the practice of engineering as social and technical activity within an Australian perspective.  It also encourages students to formulate and adopt a philosophical/ethical framework for engineering practice.

  • Understanding Education: Contexts and Agendas for the New Millennium

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    This text is written primarily for undergraduate students of education who are studying subjects in the Sociology of Education. It aims to support students in understanding the dynamic nature of education and the political, economic and social agendas, which precipitate educational change.In portray... Read more >

  • Front Office Operations (4e)

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    The fourth edition of this best-selling text has been completely revised and updated throughout and has been brought  in line with recent developments in information technology. It has a lively new design with many more illustrations, new case studies and examples incorporated throughout. ... Read more >

  • Control Engineering (2e)

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     This book provides a basic yet comprehensive introduction to the subject of control engineering for both mechanical and electrical engineering students. It is well written, easy to follow and contains many examples to reinforce understanding of the theory.This second edition has undergone a su... Read more >

  • Longman Idioms Dictionary

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    Tearing your hair out over idioms? Feel like you're always in the dark? Don't worry - you can't go wrong with the Longman Idioms Dictionary. More than 6000 idioms from spoken and written English Wide coverage of both American and British English Clear, accurate definitions, writte... Read more >