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  • Friendly Kids, Friendly Classrooms

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    A book for every teacher! Here is the key to a happy classroom: Help your students learn social skills that will help them to get along with their classmates. Create a positive and fun filled classroom where everyone can develop confidence and feel good about themselves. Learn str... Read more >

  • More Picture Stories: Language and Problem-Posing Activities for Beginners

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    The Picture Stories Series is perfect for students with little or no literacy skills in English or in their first language. The authors present stories about immigrant families' experiences when they first arrived in the United States, which students are certain to understand. Literacy skills as wel... Read more >

  • New Longman Literature: The Great Gatsby

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    The fabulous parties of Gatsby's mansion are legendary - guests dance till dawn. But whose face is Gatsby searching for in the crowds? And what secret sorrow lies behind his great fortune?