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  • Counterpoint (4e)

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    Designed for courses in beginning and advanced counterpoint, this established text introduces the contrapuntal style of 17th and 18th century music through analysis and writing. While a limited understanding of contrapuntal elements may be gained through analysis alone, these elements are graspe... Read more >

  • Engineering Mechanics of Solids (2e)

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    For civil, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering courses. This book is a comprehensive, cross-referenced examination of engineering mechanics of solids. Traditional topics are supplemented by an exposure to several newly-emerging disciplines, such as the probabilistic basis for structural ana... Read more >

  • The Kodaly Method I: Comprehensive Music Education (3e)

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    Designed to provide a step-by-step approach to the teaching of music for each grade level from one to six. Features a collection of more than 200 songs—many of which are new to the Third Edition—organized precisely in the sequence of the Kodaly Method. It presents a highly sequential mus... Read more >

  • Very Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based First Reader

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    Low-Beginning. Imagine scuba diving near the Florida coast and suddenly getting sucked into a huge pump of a nuclear power plant! Or writing love letters to someone every day for a year, only to see that person marry the mail carrier? The universal appeal of these real-life human-interest stories... Read more >