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  • Corporate Responsibility: governance, compliance and ethics in a sustainable environment (2e)

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    This new edition of Corporate Responsibility starts with a fundamental shift in perspective from the previous edition by highlighting the shift from corporate responsibility being a vital business issue, to being the vital issue facing business. In the process the author brings together a comprehens... Read more >

  • Essentials of Global Marketing (2e)

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    Essentials of Global Marketing offers a concise and manageable approach to the subject. The accessible structure takes the reader through the entire international marketing planning process, and fundamental concepts are illuminated by examples from a wide range of companies, small and large, fr... Read more >

  • Leadership: Plain and Simple (2e)

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    Leadership isn’t complicated – keep it simple and make it count. This new edition of Steve Radcliffe’s uniquely powerful, successful and practical framework will show you how to develop faster as a more confident and capable leader. This compact, instantly-applicable guide to deve... Read more >

  • The Essentials of Management: Everything you need to succeed as a new manager (2e)

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    Distilling years of hard-won success, experience, lessons and management wisdom, this book will help new and aspiring managers be the best they can be. For new and aspiring managers this exciting book will enable you to quickly learn all the clever and powerful tips, tricks, advice andknow-how ... Read more >

  • Web Services and SOA: Principles and Technology (2e)

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    Web services allow new and improved ways for enterprise applications to communicate and integrate with each other over the Web and, as such, are having a profound effect on both the worlds of business and of software development. The new edition of this bestselling book offers a comprehensive and up... Read more >