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  • Don't Make Me Laugh: New Windmills

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    Literature for life This collection of humorous stories will appeal to all your students. David Kitchen tested masses of stories with students - the only ones included here are ones which really made them smile. Age 10+ Licked - Paul Jennings You Don't Look Very Poorly - Anne Fine SWALK - Sam McB... Read more >

  • Literacy World Stage 2 Essential Fiction: Essential Anthology - Pupil

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    This literacy program for juniors offers fiction, poetry and non-fiction reading and writing materials for shared, guided and group reading and writing, and teaching materials. This series should capture the imagination of more able students, and software integrates ICT with literacy teaching.

  • Longman Idioms Dictionary

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    Tearing your hair out over idioms? Feel like you're always in the dark? Don't worry - you can't go wrong with the Longman Idioms Dictionary. More than 6000 idioms from spoken and written English Wide coverage of both American and British English Clear, accurate definitions, writte... Read more >

  • Longman Imprint Books : Global Tales

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  • New Music Matters 11-14 Level 1

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    The New Music Matters 11-14 series provides: resources for Year 7 to develop students' knowledge and skills in music helps you fulfil all the requirements for performing, composing, listening and appraising well-structured projects and bright presentation stimulate students' inter... Read more >