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  • Advanced Accounting, Global Edition (13e)

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    For undergraduate and graduate courses in advanced accounting. Advanced Accounting is an in­-depth guide to accounting that reflects the most up-­to-­date business developments. This comprehensive textbook addresses practical financial reporting problems while reflecting recent busines... Read more >

  • Computer Science: An Overview, Global Edition (13e)

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    For Introduction to Computer Science courses. Computer Science: An Overview is written for students of computer science as well as students from other disciplines. Its broad coverage and clear exposition are accessible to students from all backgrounds, encouraging a practical and realistic under... Read more >

  • Economics, Global Edition (13e)

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    For two-semester principles of economics courses. An intuitive and grounded approach to economics Get students to think like economists using the latest policy and data while incorporating global issues. Economics, 13th Edition builds on the foundation of the previous edition and retains a thorough... Read more >

  • Human Communication: The Basic Course, Global Edition (13e)

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      Provides a thorough foundation in the theory, research, and skills of communication Human Communication: The Basic Course provides an in-depth look at the concepts and principles of human communication, emphasizing public speaking, interpersonal communication, and small group communicati... Read more >

  • Introductory Algebra (13e)

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      For courses in Beginning Algebra.   Trusted author content. Thoughtful innovation. Math hasn’t changed, but students—and the way they learn—have. In this revision of the Bittinger Paperback Worktext Series, the Bittinger author team brings their extensive expe... Read more >