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  • As You Like It: York Notes Advanced

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    York Notes Advanced offer a fresh and accessible approach to English Literature.  This market-leading series has been completely updated to meet the needs of today's A-level and undergraduate students.  Written by established literature experts, York Notes Advanced intorduce students to mo... Read more >

  • Economics of the Public Sector

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    This comprehensive text breaks the mould of traditional Public Sector Economics texts. It provides the student with a solid grounding in theory and focuses on how this theory can be applied to a broad range of contemporary issues, such as health and education, the monopoly regulation and privat... Read more >

  • French Grammar 11-14

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    French Grammar 11-14 helps Key Stage 3 pupils gain an understanding of grammar from the beginning of their course. The explanations are simple and there are lots of practice exercises to allow for progression. The book uses familiar vocabulary to minimize the barriers to understanding.

  • How to Teach Grammar

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    The How to... series is a great collection of straightforward, user-friendly teacher development books. All titles are written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers and each offers a range of practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework. Each book contains a photocopiable &l... Read more >

  • Living Through History: Medieval Realms

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    Helping you win the battle for History Contents Listing Chapter 1 1.1 This is Medieval England Chapter 2 2.1 Why was England invaded in 1066 2.2 William v. Harold 1066 2.3 King of England? 2.4 A new way of ruling? 2.5 What were the early Norman Castles like? Chapter 3 3.1 Power over people's minds... Read more >