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  • What Every Student Should Know about Researching Online (2e)

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    What Every Student Should Know About Researching Online teaches students how to conduct research in the first place they will look: the Web. They'll learn how to use search engines and databases and judge what they find, how to document the materials they borrow, and how to avoid online plagiarism. ... Read more >

  • Sewing for the Apparel Industry - Complete Set of Patterns (2e)

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    This is a student supplement associated with Sewing for the Apparel Industry, 2nd Edition.

  • Pearson History 8 Activity Book: Activity Book

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    Pearson History activity book for Year 8 consolidates students’ historical knowledge and understanding and historical skills in accordance with the Australian Curriculum History course. The activities can be set for homework, or for ‘fast finishers’ in the classroom that may need s... Read more >

  • Jinbu 2 Activity Book

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    Jinbu 2 provides a thorough foundation for progression to further studies of Chinese. The Jinbu Activity Books are packed with fun and engaging activities that support each topic in the student books and are perfect for homework, extension and cover work.

  • Theta Mathematics Workbook: NCEA Level 2

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    Book + Disk
    Theta Mathematics Workbook has been written to reflect the current requirements of Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum. It contains a huge array of exercises that are linked to the corresponding Theta Mathematics. This makes it easy for teachers to choose, and students to r... Read more >