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  • Disce! An Introductory Latin Course, Volume 2

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    Designed to bring students to the point where they can read Latin fluently, DISCE! combines the best of both the reading and grammar-translation approaches with an original narrative.   An original, unified story provides controlled introduction to vocabulary and grammar in context while also... Read more >

  • Biochemistry Laboratory: Modern Theory and Techniques (2e)

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    The biochemistry laboratory course is an essential component in training students for careers in biochemistry, molecular biology, chemistry, and related molecular life sciences such as cell biology, neurosciences, and genetics. Increasingly, many biochemistry lab instructors opt to either design th... Read more >

  • Machines & Mechanisms: Applied Kinematic Analysis (4e)

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    For all courses in machine motion, theory of machines, industrial mechanisms, mechanism analysis, mechanism design, and kinematics in departments of engineering technology and application-oriented mechanical engineering programs.   This introduction to kinematic analysis ensures relevance by ... Read more >

  • Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and application

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    Advanced Modern Macroeconomics, by Max Gillman, takes a new and modern approach to macroeconomic theory using microeconomic foundations. Building from the standard neo-classical models, Gillman has developed a new dynamic model which works to explain business cycles and unemployment, why you can hav... Read more >

  • Integrated Thinking - Custom Book: E-Business and Supply Chain Management (2e)

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    This Pearson Custom publication has been compiled for The University of Waikato Business students. This textbook is about integrated thinking in the context of E-business and Supply Chains. The textbook itself gathers together background material from four textbooks. Three chapters from Christopher&... Read more >