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  • Technical Communication: A Practical Approach (8e)

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    For courses in Technical Communication.   Emphasizing the connection between writing and context, Technical Communication: A Practical Approach 8e uses a fictional company (M-Global) and students' own school and workplace settings to introduce the common genres of technical communication.... Read more >

  • Reality Through the Arts (8e)

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    Thematic and Chronological Approach to the Humanities   Reality Through the Arts is a popular choice for professors because it provides both a topical and chronological approach to the humanities. Part I, “The Media of the Arts,” offers independent chapters on two dimensional art... Read more >

  • Leadership in Organizations: Global Edition eBook (8e)

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    NZ/Pacific customers only
    Digital Access Code. When you buy an eBook you will receive a unique digital redemption code and instructions on how to access this product direct from VitalSource. Please note: eBooks are available for download immediately and cannot be returned once purchased. VitalSource eBook - A digital b... Read more >

  • Growing Up Gifted: Developing the Potential of Children at School and at Home (8e)

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    For courses in the Introduction to Gifted Education.   This best-selling text is written by an internationally-known expert and features the most up-to-date research on gifted and talented education.    Covering preschool through secondary education, this text explores who gifted ... Read more >

  • Family Therapy: A Systemic Integration (8e)

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    A comprehensive, user-friendly guide to marriage and family therapy that takes a holistic view to look at people within the context of their environment.   Family Therapy helps students understand the process of shifting from an individual psychology paradigm to a cybernetic or systems parad... Read more >