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  • Christmas Carol, A: New Windmills

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    A wonderful Christmas story about Scrooge, a tight-fisted old miser who refuses to celebrate Christmas.

  • Heinemann History Study Units: The Crusades

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    Starting with the Islamic conquest of the Middle East, this student book provides an overview of the Crusades, concentrating on the First, the Third and the Children's Crusade. The final third of the book looks at the effects of the Crusades on both the Christian and Islamic worlds.

  • Heinemann History Study Units: The Italian Renaissance

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    A study of the Renaissance, particularly in Florence, which skillfully integrates the themes of art, politics and science to provide pupils with a coherent picture of the period.

  • Primer in Game Theory

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    This book's introduces one of the most powerful tools of modern economics to a wide audience - not only those who will specialize as pure game theorists but also those who will construct (or even just consume) game-theoretic models in applied fields of economics.

  • Teeline Gold Word List

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    Teeline is today's most successful shorthand system because it is based on the English alphabet and is quick to learn. It saves valuable tuition hours which can be used for other business/secretarial skills subjects. Teeline writers are able to reach high speeds and Teeline's logical approach means ... Read more >