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  • Communication Systems Engineering (2e)

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    For a one/two-semester senior or first-year graduate level course in analog and digital communications. With an emphasis on digital communications, Communication Systems Engineering introduces the basic principles underlying the analysis and design of communication systems. In addition, this te... Read more >

  • Digital Signal Processing: A Practical Approach (2e)

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    Modern coverage of the fundamentals, implementation and applications of digital signal processing techniques from a practical point of view This successful textbook covers most aspects of DSP found in undergraduate electrical, electronic or communications engineering courses. Unlike many other texts... Read more >

  • Longman History Project: Germany 1918-1945 (2e)

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    This series is a complete colour course designed for 14-16 year-olds of all abilities. Builds students' knowledge and confidence through a wealth of relevant source material. Motivates students of all abilities with highly illustrated, clear and colourful texts and relevant photographs. Regula... Read more >

  • Mathematical Methods for Economics (2e)

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    How does your level of education affect your lifetime earnings profile? Will economic development lead to increased environmental degradation? How does the participation of women in the labor force differ across countries? How do college scholarship rules affect savings? Students come to economics w... Read more >

  • Metro 4 Vert Foundation (2e)

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    A structured course which focuses on grammar and provides complete coverage of topics required for the AQA GCSE French exam. With an emphasis on exam preparation this course provides students with the opportunity to practice and revise what they have learnt. This book is differentiated for founda... Read more >