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  • An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (3e)

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    In An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Timothy Budd provides a language-independent presentation of object-oriented principles, such as objects, methods, inheritance (including multiple inheritance) and polymorphism. Examples are drawn from several different languages, including (among o... Read more >

  • Longman History Project: South Africa 1948-1994: The Rise and Fall of Apartheid (3e)

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    This series is a complete colour course designed for 14-16 year-olds of all abilities. Builds students' knowledge and confidence through a wealth of relevant source material. Motivates students of all abilities with highly illustrated, clear and colourful texts and relevant photographs. Regula... Read more >

  • Managerial Economics: An Analysis of Business Issues (3e)

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     This new version of the text first published in 1989 stays true to the aims of the first two editions. It provides a clear introduction to Managerial Economics for students who have no previous background in economic analysis and at the same time develops the analysis to a level that is approp... Read more >

  • The Science of Sound (3e)

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    The Science of Sound is widely recognised as the leading textbook in the field. It provides an excellent introduction to acoustics for students without college physics or a strong background in mathematics. In the Third Edition, Richard Moore and Paul Wheeler join Tom Rossing in updating The Scien... Read more >