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  • Authentic Classroom Management: Creating a Learning Community and Building Reflective Practice (3e)

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    Authentic Classroom Management addresses the basics of classroom management by focusing on creating a learning community based on respectful and authentic communication to invite student cooperation and develop student problem-solving capacity.   This easy-to-read, practical text covers a bro... Read more >

  • Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Success (3e)

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    Developing a Professional Teaching Portfolio: A Guide for Success, Third Edition, offers practical, comprehensive guidelines for developing standards-based paper or electronic professional teaching portfolios.   This text leads future and in-service teachers through the rigorous process of ... Read more >

  • Electronics Technology Fundamentals: Conventional Flow Version (3e)

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    For courses in DC Circuits, AC Circuits, and Electronic Devices.   Electronic Technology Fundamentals, Conventional Flow 3e was written to fulfill the need to address the constant development of new applications and technologies within a single text that presents the fundamentals of electroni... Read more >

  • Guide to NATE/ICE Certification Exams (3e)

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    For courses in Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This exceptional review tool prepares students and service/installation technicians to pass the HVAC/R NATE and ICE certification examinations. Divided into two distinct sections, the first part provides a study guide review of essential c... Read more >

  • In-Depth Interviewing (3e)

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    In-Depth Interviewing 3e provides a detailed discussion of the use of in-depth interviewing as a research tool for collecting data to better understand people. This Australian text provides students, researchers and practitioners with a thorough exposition of the value of using in-depth interviewi... Read more >