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  • Algebra for College Students (8e)

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    For courses in algebra for college students.   Gets them engaged. Keeps them engaged. Bob Blitzer’s use of realistic applications instantly piques students’ curiosity about the presence of mathematical concepts in the world around them. These applications are apparent throughout t... Read more >

  • Discrete Mathematics, Global Edition (8e)

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    For one- or two-term introductory courses in discrete mathematics.   With nearly 4,500 exercises, Discrete Mathematics provides ample opportunities for students to practice, apply, and demonstrate conceptual understanding. Exercise sets features a large number of applications, especially appl... Read more >

  • Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, Global Edition (8e)

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    For courses in mathematical statistics. Comprehensive coverage of mathematical statistics – with a proven approach Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg, McKean, and Craig enhances student comprehension and retention with numerous, illustrative examples and exercises. Classic... Read more >

  • John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications, Pearson New International Edition (8e)

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    John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications, Eighth Edition, provides a calculus-based introduction to the theory and application of statistics, based on comprehensive coverage that reflects the latest in statistical thinking, the teaching of statistics, and current practices. This ... Read more >

  • Prealgebra (8e)

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    For courses in Prealgebra. The Martin-Gay principle: Every student can succeed Elayn Martin-Gay’s student-centric approach is woven seamlessly throughout her texts and MyLab courses, giving students the optimal amount of support through effective video resources, an accessible writing style,... Read more >