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  • Paramedic & Emergency Pharmacology Guidelines (Pearson Original Edition eBook) (2e)

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    This guide was developed collaboratively by 28 academic healthcare professionals working within 12 universities worldwide who teach paramedicine. Emergency medicine pharmacology is a very broad topic. From cardiac to obstetrical emergencies, there is a need for a reference guide that can prov... Read more >

  • Skills in Clinical Nursing eBook (2e)

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    The new edition of Skills in Clinical Nursing continues to provide a primary Australian resource to prepare undergraduate nursing students to become competent nurses. The text helps students learn to link theory to practice, underpinning industry requirements and preparing them for clinical placemen... Read more >

  • The Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching eBook (2e)

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    In the ten years since the much-praised first edition, coaching has become a core requirement forleadership. It's a core part of business school programmes, it's the norm on all leadership development programmes, and all leaders and managers now have to be able to coach. The Financial Times Guide t... Read more >

  • The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts: Unlocking the City's Best Kept Secret eBook (2e)

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    The Financial Times Guide to Investment Trusts is your concise and jargon free introduction to one of the City’s best kept secrets. It explains how investment trusts differ from unit trusts and OEICs and explores the pros and cons of investment trusts including their superior performance. It a... Read more >