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  • Data Science Design Patterns

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    Data Science Design Patterns brings together several dozen proven patterns for building successful decision-support and decision-automation systems in the enterprise. Like Martin Fowler's classic Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, it helps you rapidly hone in on proven solutions to com... Read more >

  • DevOps on Amazon Web Services

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    For thousands of companies, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is today's software development environment of choice. Now there's a complete guide to using DevOps and continuous delivery techniques on AWS -- so you can reliably deliver new features to users and customers at the click of a b... Read more >

  • Agile Security: A Security-Driven Development Approach with Abuser Stories

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    Agile Security will transform the way software teams think about security. This deeply practical guide introduces immediately useful tools and practices that agile teams can apply to address security from a project’s inception and throughout its lifecycle. Leading Scrum trainer and agile secur... Read more >

  • Remarkable Brand Experiences

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    In this book, you'll discover what is meant by the Branded Customer Experience, why it’s so important today, some of the common hurdles in executing a brand experience strategy, compelling examples from companies that are getting it right, and simple steps that companies can start taking today... Read more >

  • Joy of Debugging, The

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    Our view is that debugging is an essential part of the craft of software development. By thinking of debugging as a primary endeavor, developers are liberated to be more rigorous about it and can afford the luxury of complete understanding. By considering debugging as opportunity rather than setback... Read more >