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  • Just Imagine! Creative Play Experiences for Children Under Six (2e)

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    The creative play experience is vital for the stimulation of children's imagination. It offers opportunities for children to learn, express themselves and interact with others. Just Imagine! provides an understanding of how to establish stimulating and enjoyable creative play experiences for child... Read more >

  • Kitchen Operations (2e)

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    Kitchen Operations, 2nd edition covers the essential skills, knowledge and key competencies required by students studying Certificate II Hospitality—Kitchen Operations. This text is a comprehensive resource addressing the basic methods of cookery and food presentation as well as workplace he... Read more >

  • Teaching Reading in Small Groups

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    Educators only
    In Teaching Reading in Small Groups, Jennifer Serravallo extends the powerful teaching that made Conferring with Readers a hit and helps you meet instructional challenges effectively and efficiently. Jen shows how small groups help you uncover hidden time in your teaching for meeting individual stu... Read more >

  • Teeline Fast

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    Teeline is today's most successful shorthand system because it is based on the English alphabet and is quick to learn. It saves valuable tuition hours which can be used for other business/secretarial skills subjects. Teeline writers are able to reach high speeds and Teeline's logical approach means ... Read more >

  • Teeline For Journalists

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    Teeline for Journalists is a shorthand book and audio CD for journalist students. This title is written with your students' needs in mind, providing plenty of practice to build their confidence and achieve exam success. The book is fully supported by an audio CD so that students can practice dictati... Read more >