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  • Just Improvise! Innovative Play Experiences for Children Under Eight

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    What is improvisation in an early childhood setting? Why is it important and what does it achieve? Some of the advantages of improvising play materials are quite surprising and extend beyond encouraging creativity and imagination. This book suggests how improvisation can be introduced into the p... Read more >

  • Kitchen Operations (2e)

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    Kitchen Operations, 2nd edition covers the essential skills, knowledge and key competencies required by students studying Certificate II Hospitality—Kitchen Operations. This text is a comprehensive resource addressing the basic methods of cookery and food presentation as well as workplace he... Read more >

  • Phonics In Context

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    Educators only

  • Teaching and Assessing Maths Through Open-ended Activities

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    Teaching and Assessing Maths Through Open-ended Activities contains activities and real student work samples as a guide, to help improve student learning. It relates mathematical strategies to real life situations for students and caters for different needs, allowing for differentiated learning. Tea... Read more >

  • The Road to Tourism Interactive Edition (2e)

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    Book + Disk
    The tourism industry is one of the most diverse, exciting, challenging and important industries in Australia, and the world. It is because of this that tourism is able to offer career opportunities as dynamic as the industry itself. The Road to Tourism, 2e uses real-world industry examples to st... Read more >