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  • LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes) High Beginner Reading and Writing Student Book with My eLab

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    LEAP features a cross-curricular approach to teaching students the vocabulary and skills they need to thrive in a real-life academic context, while helping them apply critical thinking to a variety of global issues. This four-level program - LEAP 1 (High Beginner: CEFR Level A1+-B1), LEAP 2 (Interm... Read more >

  • Calculus For Engineers (4e)

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    Calculus for Engineers, 4th Edition, is appropriate for first-year university-level engineering/physical science students who are studying calculus.   Using an early transcendental approach, Trim emphasises practical applications, many of which are drawn from various engineering fi... Read more >

  • Bridging Cultures: Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Nature

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    Scientists and science educators are beginning to recognise the importance and place of traditional Indigenous knowledge in our understanding of the natural world. In Bridging Cultures, Glen Aikenhead and Herman Michell validate the role of traditional knowledge in the school science curriculum. S... Read more >

  • Microeconomics: Theory with Applications (8e)

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    For university courses in intermediate microeconomics   Economics provides people with a way to understand everyday human behaviour .  Microeconomics: Theory with Applications teaches students how to look at the world in a different way.  Using a variety of applications and lively a... Read more >

  • Toward a Moral Horizon: Nursing Ethics for Leadership and Practice (2e)

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    This enhanced edition of Toward a Moral Horizon will meet the needs of many, since this entire text is constructed to help nurses and all health care providers to take up the challenge of embedding ethics in health care practice, education, research, and policy at all levels -- from local to gl... Read more >