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  • Comprehension Toolkit: Connecting Comprehension and Technology

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    Book + Disk
    Active literacy strategies matter now more than ever! Our students are growing up with dynamic information systems and constantly changing online texts. Connecting Comprehension & Technology will help you expand your students’ literacy toolkit to incorporate practices that help them thrive... Read more >

  • Comprehension Toolkit: Staff Development with The Comprehension Toolkits

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    Teachers matter. Effective comprehension instruction is more than a handful of reading strategies. As critical as these strategies are, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis have long held that it is the teacher who makes the difference. Staff Development with The Comprehension Toolkits builds on this u... Read more >

  • Comprehension Toolkit: The Primary Comprehension Toolkit, Classroom Bundle (2e)

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    The Classroom Bundle for The Primary Comprehension Toolkit has everything needed to implement The Primary Comprehension Toolkit for grades K-2 – the strategy and lesson books, the Teacher’s Guide, the short nonfiction texts, and the online resources all included in the Toolkit – pl... Read more >

  • Connecting with Students Online

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    Book + Access Code
    An unprecedented pandemic may change the definition of classroom, but it doesn't have to change your definition of good teaching. Now that you’re making the shift to online teaching, it’s time to answer your biggest questions about remote, digitally based instruction: How do I bui... Read more >

  • Scaffolding The Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners

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    The Comprehension Toolkit’s inclusive whole-group instruction sets a high comprehension bar for ALL students. Recognising that English language learners think as deeply and meaningfully as native speakers, Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, Brad Buhrow, and Anne Upczak-Garcia contend that rather ... Read more >