Pearson is the world's leading learning company and we are dedicated to nurturing great talent and supporting great ideas.


We create and deliver content to large selection of educational customers, partners and institutions at various levels, to meet their educational needs. Our content is developed for both the Higher Education and Schools sectors.

Higher Education: Pearson creates and distributes content and resources to educational institutions to assist them in providing quality education, helping people make progress in their lives by gaining skills, knowledge and personal growth.

Schools: Pearson creates content and resources for both students and teachers across all subjects within the Year 1-13 levels. Our interactive and traditional resources cater to the learners needs ensuring they make the most of their education.

Pearson also strives to deliver content, exactly as you want it. Pearson Australia: Custom partners with you to build course-specific materials designed to facilitate student success. We open the door to a wealth of content and technology and walk you through the process of selecting or creating the custom resources required to meet your course goals.

Please note: Pearson no longer accepts unsolicited manuscripts. 


Work with Pearson

If you are interested in viewing the current employment opportunities now available at Pearson, follow this link to Pearson Jobs.