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Pearson is all about giving you options to access the reading and study material you need to be successful in your course whenever and wherever you are.

Many of Pearson's titles are now available as eTexts. eTexts come in two different formats: downloadable VitalSource eTexts through VitalSource Bookshelf® or online Pearson eTexts with access to our MyLab and Mastering courses.




Three ways to access your Pearson VitalSource eTexts


Purchase a redemption code to access a PDF version of your Pearson textbook. View offline via VitalSource Bookshelf, online or using your mobile device.

Download to your personal computer, log in from the library, or use your mobile on the bus. Highlight passages and add notes. VitalSource Bookshelf keeps everything in sync and at your fingertips.
Once purchased, you can access your VitalSource Higher Education eTexts indefinitely. VitalSource School eTexts are available on a 1-year lease.


Pearson eTexts (with MyLab / Mastering)

Purchase a redemption code to access an online version of your textbook through our premium learning environment - MyLab and Mastering. These learning tools provide you with ongoing feedback and support to help you get a better grade.

A Pearson eText is integrated within a MyLab or Mastering product and is accompanied by quizzes, videos (where available), homework activities, practice questions etc.

You can also access Pearson eTexts on the go by using the Pearson eText App on iPad and Android devices.



Once purchased you can access your Pearson eTexts online for the duration of your MyLab or Mastering subscription.

Pearson eText is a product that is only accessible online.

Need technical help with your Pearson eText?           Visit Pearson 24/7 Technical Support

For enquires regarding Pearson eText purchases contact our Customer Services team at Edify Limited - freephone 0508 332 665